About us

Learn more information about our shop and our organic products

Biologiki Agora (Organic Market) is a certified organic products store. The store is controlled by the certification body of organic products DIO (ΔΗΩ).




Our store is supplied daily with fruits and vegetables from local certified producers (Chania, Rethymnon, Heraklion) and from producers from all over Greece.

Choosing Organic Products

Choose an authentic, natural diet who protects our health while contributing to environmental protection.

In Biologiki Agora (Organic Market) we hope to win the confidence of the savvy consumers. Given the general uncertainty about the quality and the arrival of food, organic agricultural products we have in our store are displayed with responsibility and commitment as a solution that you can fearlessly trust for you and your family.

Biologiki Agora (Organic Market) has to recommend you products of organic farming and livestock that maintain intact their natural composition, nutrients and vitamins, without the use of chemical fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides and hormones. The best suggestion for a balanced diet for you and your children. The store is controlled by the Certification Organization DIO.

Are organic products expensive?

As any product of high quality, so the organic differ in price than conventional ones. It is characteristic that in many cases you’ll find organic products at prices the same or lower as the contracted Super Market or farmer’s markets!
In Biologiki Agora (Organic Market) we have to recommend you:

  • Nutritional supplements, herbal cosmetic lines for face and body care, shower gels, soaps, free of pesticides, additives and chemicals
  • Ecological detergents and cleaning agents that do not cause allergic and respiratory symptoms and mostly fully biodegrade, without harming the environment.

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